Störlichtbogen- und flammfeste Schutzkleidung

Wenn es um den Schutz vor Störlichtbögen und die Sicherheit Ihrer Mitarbeiter geht, verlassen Sie sich auf ProGARM – den Spezialisten für Störlichtbogen-Schutzkleidung.

Kein anderer Anbieter von störlichtbogen- und flammfester Schutzkleidung bietet Ihnen eine vergleichbare Kombination von Schutz vor Störlichtbögen, Komfort, kontinuierlicher Innovation und hervorragendem Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Unsere Kleidung hält bis zu 70 % länger und das bei lebenslanger Garantie auf die Nähte.

ProGARM geht neue Wege, um Ihnen den bestmöglichen Schutz vor Störlichtbögen zu bieten. Erkunden Sie unsere Website und überzeugen Sie sich, dass wir für niemand anderen Kleidung herstellen: Nur wenn ProGarm draufsteht, ist auch ProGARM drin.

Vertrauen Sie Spezialisten, wenn Leben in Gefahr sind.



Industries that require quality arc flash clothing are those where there is a risk of electrical shock. This can include industries such as construction, manufacturing, and utilities. Arc flash PPE is designed to protect workers from the dangers of electric shocks. It is made with materials that are resistant to electricity, and it often features flame resistant insulation. Workers in industries that require arc flash PPE should always wear the appropriate gear to protect themselves from potential injuries.

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Arc flash clothing is the last form of defence it comes to protecting your people, however, it is arguably one of the more important steps. Protecting your employees is crucial.

With temperatures of up to 35,000ºF, which is more than four times hotter than the surface of the sun, an Arc Flash has the potential to burn an operative’s skin within fractions of a second, meaning Arc Flash PPE really is the last line of defence for workers.

If you’re unsure what is the correct level of protection or even if your teams need Arc Flash clothing simply call us immediately and one of our friendly team of arc flash specialists will be on hand to advise you.

View our range of Arc Flash clothing collections below:


We’re Arc Flash specialists.

We’re 100% focused on Arc Flash and flash fire protection, and we’re the only people in the UK that are true specialists in Arc Flash.

Not all fibres are created equally.

Our unique VSX+ Fabric is 100% inherent, ensuring protection for the life of the garment.

Durability matters.

Our Arc Flash garments last up to 70% longer than other leading brands and our Lifetime Seam Guarantee underlines our confidence in our garments.

Components are key.

We use only the best components to ensure that no part of a garment is left vulnerable.

Comfort isn’t everything, but it helps.

Workforces are more likely to wear Arc Flash and Flame Resistant protective clothing if it’s comfortable so we’ve made ours as comfortable as wearing pyjamas.

No one is innovating faster than ProGARM.

We believe that you can always make a good thing better so we’re always working on the next generation of Arc Flash protection.

We don’t make garments for anyone else.

Others may suggest that their garments are as good as ProGARM’s and some even copy them too. But as in all things, beware of cheap imitations.